No refunds of exchanges on Services


package 1

Includes: Social Media Management, Teasers, banners, promo images, hosting giveaways, Reader Group Management, Keeping track of your schedule for events, Finding events.


package 2

Includes: Package 1 PLUS...., Maintaining blog posts, Writing and Sending out newsletters, Finding SWAPS, ARC team management, Bookfunnel/ StoryOrigin Management, Discounted book covers and other design services, at your request services.


package 3

Includes: Package 1 and 2 PLUS... email maintenance (responding and sending emails on your behalf, financial management (paying editors, formatters, etc for you (Shared paypal account)), Personal author page management.


arc team 

Distribute ARCs to your ARC Team, Track reviews, remove

inactive members and non-reviewers.


monthly newsletter management

Once a month ($30) ... Bi-Weekly ($40) ... Weekly ($50)

Does not include finding swaps or promos.