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"Amanda has top-notch design skills great for marketing new releases, manages my social media independently, and is quick to respond to requests for additional needs. She is professional and easy to work with!"

DJ Jamison


"I have been working with Amanda since I started in this business six years ago. She designs all of my beautiful covers, my logo, and graphics. She even helps me with plotting my stories and comes up with some great ideas! Her value is immeasurable and I wouldn't be where I am today without her."

Lyssa Cole

"Amanda's talent is evident in everything she creates. I trust her judgment, experience, and skill with all of my book covers and graphics. We've been working together for years, and she has created my entire brand. I receive so many compliments on her work, and I trust her with the packaging for my entire business."

Mandi Blake


"I’ve been working with Amanda for over two years and I can honestly say she’s made my life so much easier. She handles my social media with ease, designs my teasers and promotional material as well as creating my website from scratch. She’s responsive and creative and I wouldn’t be without her!"

Carrie Elks


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